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How many times have you been asked “do you know a phone guy?” or heard complaints about someone’s VoIP provider. While you don’t need to be an expert, you can guide your clients to a solution. Your knowledge of their business, and the relationship you have, along with a little bit of information can get you real offerings.  With over 150 providers on the back end, you know you are getting the right solution, not just the one solution a single provider offers.

You Don’t Need to be the Expert.

You know enough about your client’s business to get the process going, and help guide them through the quotes.  It’s a simple as filling out a form that tells us about your client and the type of business they have. And, if you can get a copy of their last telecom invoice, it’s that much better.

Reduce Telecom Expenses

Even if your client has the most amazing deal ever, it’s often the case that just going through the process of quoting them will reduce their expenses.  The best case scenario is that they’ve save big.  The worst case scenario is that you’ve helped them to review/confirm what they have.

Opportunity for Integration

Today’s telecom offerings give you the opportunity to really take your client’s business to the next level through integration, efficiencies, and the tools they need to best do their job. By you, the consultant, helping them through the process, you can see more options and more benefits.

Safety in Numbers

So often, consultants are tied to a single provider, with only their offerings. That puts you at risk of the client being a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.  With 150+ providers on our back end, you know you are helping them choose based on what’s right for them.

Earn While Helping

You earn, just by helping.

If your client does take advantage of an offer you got them, you get a commission.  That commission continues for the balance of their contract.  Even a small business will generate you revenue often for years, just by helping them get the best quote.

Power of Choice

Leveraging the power of over 150 providers to enable providing the telecom, internet and cloud solutions you’re looking for for your clients or your organization, worldwide.